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    We bring you closer to your customer's
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    We can help you setup complete E-Commerce Business – from Marketing, Operations, Sales Store, Inventory Integration Payment and Delivery

E-commerce Website Development

We have delivered on proven E-Commerce Projects – Softmall Global, Genuine Parts, Ace Microelectronics are a few of our prestigious projects where have helped our customers setup shops and cater to an ever-growing audience, shopping online.

Softmall Global


What are Your E-commerce Problems

  Online store functionalities annoy users

  High bounce rate due to bad user experience

  Low proportion of purchases via-a-vis visits

  Online store loads slow

  Products look scattered


How Do We Solve These Problems

  A complet e-commerce solution, not just a store

  Create mobile commerce based on your need

  Integrate social commerce features easily

  Engaging product display

  Go live faster

Genuine Parts

What Does Infocraft Do Differently?


Technology Partner

Infocraft is not just your average eCommerce web developer, we are your technology partners. We create not only stores, but complete solutions focused on YOUR users, industry trends and market algorithms.


Digital Marketing & Revenue Generation

One our biggest strengths is our ability to get your eCommerce store not only visible but also a revenue-generating platform. An exclusive team of digital marketers help you build a great online reputation and trust among your buyers.


Domain Experts

When you choose us to solve your problems, we deploy domain experts of that specific field. Our squad of niche developers ensure that you get what you need most.


Long-term Partnership

When we build solutions, we like to see them work for you. We never ever leave you. Our team is always around for handholding, technical support or any help even after we have delivered your project.

Ace Microelectronics